What Say You.

I’ve never had an old school blog before. It’s fun. But I don’t know what I’m doing. Use the comments on this one and give me your thoughts. Pretty please.

– Do you want to be able to subscribe to these little posts? Or just pop over when the spirit moves you?

– Should comments be easier?

– How do you feel about the longgggg everything-on-one-page scroll or would little clickable boxes be easier on the eye?

Seriously, a penny for your thoughts. Except I won’t really pay you. (Honesty is my brand.)

Click the post title to comment.

Rebecca Masterson is a writer, speaker, and an advocate for children. For more from Rebecca, follow her on Instagram.


  1. Elyse

    Hey! I finally figured out how to comment on this damn site. Now your myriad readers will see just how smart your friends are. 🤣

  2. Teka

    Well hello there. I will comment and help that woman. I have very little to offer in the way of help, but I’ll do what I can.

    1 – I like the scrolling but….. not forever. You need to chunk it somehow. Monthly? Seasonally? By Subject? A person needs to be able to get to the end of a thing. And maybe go to another chapter, but definitely find an end someplace. I mean, this isn’t Facebook.

    2. I like a little notice when there’s something new. I may not always click on the little notice, but every few notices or so, I’ll happily visit and catch up with my long lost friend. Like when I get e-mails from The Loft 57 times a week. I don’t always click, but every so often the promise of fall sweaters tempts me and I click.

    3. I like the ‘click on the post title to comment’ feature. That should be visible someplace (TBH, I only saw it on the first post, it may say that on the other ones too, but I wasn’t really looking). Your dashboard header is always there, so maybe someplace on that? Or, at the top of the newly chunked (or chaptered??) sections? Someplace where I can find it when I forget how to do this as soon as I finish this comment.

    4. When are you coming to NY???

    • Barbara

      I would like to know when you have a new post. I can’t figure out how to save and come back. I miss your fb post.

  3. Teka

    Another comment – I’m glad there is no character limit on comments. 😉


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