Things no one needs to know but I’m going to tell you anyway.

1. I am intermittent fasting. I don’t really understand what this is or how it works and, like most of my decisions, didn’t feel a strong need to research it so just sorta picked a window of time I now eat within. Also, I gave up gluten. For no particular reason other than I like gluten-free bread and am making it a thing.

2. I think Billie Eilish is absurdly talented. I would very much like to put her in a bubble so we don’t have to collectively worry whether we will all be forced to watch her spiral, like 90% of young people in that industry. A Billie Bubble.

3. FREE IDEA – Can someone please invent an easier duvet cover?????? I have several options for you and will happily hand over this business idea for the greater good. THIS is all I had patience for today and it took me 15 minutes to get this ill-fitting, I don’t even care anymore, maybe I should just buy a quilt cover over the stupid duvet. Good grief. (ALSO, I’m looking to wallpaper that wall if anyone wants to link up some awesomeness. Yes, I know Anthro has great wallpaper, but the goal isn’t to take out a second mortgage for one bedroom wall.)

4. I bought four Fall candles yesterday. Because it’s not 120 degrees anymore – just a mere 105 – so Fall it is. (Is Fall capitalized? I don’t know but right now, it feels like it should be.)

5. This I-will-no-doubt-regret-this license plate is happening. It’s going on the second car in honor of Jax’s YouTube channel. And because yes, I am aware this can be read another way, we have purchased a few airplane stickers to pop in the back window to, knock on wood, make it clear to law enforcement which high we’re referring to here.

6. Whole Foods sells the best baba ghanoush and the worst rotisserie chicken.

7. More on this later, but I had a breakdown this past August. COVID + the world’s anxious energy + the unbelievable Phoenix heat just put me over. You guys, it was HOT hot this year. Like I would walk outside and smell the charring of my arm hot. Silver lining is it resulted in two road trips to the beach and I have decided August is simply not doable here. Open to all suggestions of where Jax and I will be heading for August 2021. (ALSO, anyone want to rent a house in hell for the same time period?)

8. Not sure you guys realize how much I online shop. If you get my newsletter, don’t get annoyed at the amazon affiliate links, it makes me feel better to consider my shopping as a service.

9. I SUCK at working from home. This is an unfortunate fact.

10. I want to be the girl that ends at #9, but I am most definitely not that girl. So here’s a picture of my dog. Ten. Bam.



    I really appreciate that you went to 10. I always enjoy dog pictures. And I also am an Amazon addict. August in Upstate NY was also quite unusually hot, and humid, although not quite so hot as yours. So it probably would not be an ideal choice either. Although the temperature can can vary greatly. So next year could be completely different.

    • Rebecca Masterson

      I’m thinking Canada. They just seem nicer. Ha!

      • Yvonne

        Canada it is – I’ll let you and Jax stay for free – Regina, Sask. middle of the prairies, lots of open fields


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