The YouTube Snake

Can we discuss how much I dislike YouTube? As you all know, I am on a bender against social media so include all the obvious reasons but now throw in that YouTube is  allowing the political ads. Allowing is the wrong word. Raking money in hand over greedy fists is more like it. So Jax is sitting around with his iPad trying to watch God-awful boring, but super harmless and highly apolitical, airplane videos when TRUMP IS A RACIST or BIDEN HATES GOD or what the F-ever pops up and off we go to the perseverating races. Best part – you can’t skip them. You have to sit there and listen to the festering abscess of the underbelly of America for the full GD minute. You want to watch someone kick their patriotism to the curb? Sit them in front of these ads for an hour. And here’s the kicker. To rid yourself (or your child) of these ads, you have to upgrade to YouTube Premium, which, of course, I just did because I can’t do another round of election PTSD with this child. So now, YouTube gets paid for the evil ads and gets paid to avoid the lame ads. It’s like if I sold tickets to kids to come hang out with my poisonous pet snake who happens to bite. And then I take more of your money for the antidote.

I know, I know, the obvious answer is avoid the snake. Easier said than done, my friends, easier said than done.

Peace Out, Facebook. And Welcome.

Welcome to this. Whatever this is. 

Thanks for coming. I mean that. If one more person talks about community, I’ll hurl, but that’s what I was missing on the Facebook. Odd since that’s sort of its intended jam, right? 

Anywayyyyyyy, I said peace out to Facebook for a lot of reasons, but primarily because Facebook is a time suck to beat all time sucks. With zero value add. So adios, weirdly addictive and nonessential social platform. 

Not gonna lie –  my life is better without it.

Now, I’m here. I don’t know what this is yet or where I’m going with it, but for now, I like it. It feels cozy. Stick around. Read. Comment. Whatever. We’ll see where it goes.