Peace Out, Facebook. And Welcome.

Welcome to this. Whatever this is. 

Thanks for coming. I mean that. If one more person talks about community, I’ll hurl, but that’s what I was missing on the Facebook. Odd since that’s sort of its intended jam, right? 

Anywayyyyyyy, I said peace out to Facebook for a lot of reasons, but primarily because Facebook is a time suck to beat all time sucks. With zero value add. So adios, weirdly addictive and nonessential social platform. 

Not gonna lie –  my life is better without it.

Now, I’m here. I don’t know what this is yet or where I’m going with it, but for now, I like it. It feels cozy. Stick around. Read. Comment. Whatever. We’ll see where it goes.


Rebecca Masterson is a writer, speaker, and an advocate for children. For more from Rebecca, follow her on Instagram. Or sign up for her newsletter.