Becca,  Writing

I Have Been A Vegetarian for…

…12 hours. And only if you don’t count seafood.

I used to own this little retail shop. One day, a new sales rep wandered in, she was very friendly and funny, and I liked her immediately. And then she said, “I’m a vegan.” And I thought, “well, there you have it. I am the worst judge of character since Elin Nordegren. WACKO.” And I bit into my double-meat turkey sandwich from Subway.

Fast forward two years. I’m still friends with this girl, and she’s still a vegan. I’m still a carnivore, and we do just fine. Occasionally, we even split a mediterranean platter at Pita Jungle. I asked her once why she didn’t eat meat, and she said, “I’ll tell you what…you have a lot on your plate right now. When life is closer to normal, ask me again, and I’ll give you a book to read.” I said ok. After all, I’m a reasonable person, and I know that a book of cute cows isn’t going to decrease my desire for a ribeye.

Fast forward again. This past weekend. I land myself in the ER, and win a 2 night stay at St Joe’s Hospital & Spa. This on the tail of the fact that, in the last three years, I’ve had more surgeries than my AARP-registered parents combined. Time for a life change. I text my friend, not because she’s a vegan, but because she’s my friend.

Me: “This hospital incident has motivated me to learn about what I’m eating.”

Vegan: “Read the China Study.”

Me: “Ok.” I was bored silly in the hospital, I would’ve read the IV packaging instructions at this point.

I got home, committed to my dietary change, and downloaded The China Study. I’ve read three chapters. And now I’m a 12-hour vegetarian. I wonder if, after the entire book, I’ll be a wacko vegan. This will not be easy for me. I don’t like vegetables, for one. I can’t cook at all, and my husband is a meat-eating cowboy. But hey, it’ll make for good blogs. And today, I did stop by the vegan coffee shop on the way to work. I think they really liked my leather boots and German SUV.

“Poser,” they thought.

“Wackos,” I retorted in my head.



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