I Gotta Tell Ya.

I am greatly enjoying my new No-Facebook life. Less stress, more time, and I rediscovered a little something I used to love to do called READING. You’re like “What? Huh? Like with books?” Yes. I am reading the books. Made of paper. I am reading the books like they’re made of fresh sourdough bread and I just quit Paleo. I can’t get enough. I am carb-loading books.

And I’m going full escapism. I see the recommendations for heady, complicated publications that will make me smarter, and there is a time and place, but for me, lemme tell ya, it is not here and it is not now. Nope.

Currently, I’m reading The Lady Sherlock Series. It is without politics, without current-day anything, and it is absolutely delightful. It is sourdough, my friends. Delicious, non-nutritious, eat the load in one sitting sourdough.

I hope you enjoy the way I staged this photo like I read near a planter of outdoor succulents by candlelight and not on my couch in an old ratty t-shirt eating a ginormous bowl of popcorn. #influencer


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