• Becca Bought: A Beeswax Wrap of Smugness

    I am basically an eco-Guru now.  I was turned onto these by my eco-friendly friend. She is really quite a lovely person, but apparently she has been secretly judging my ziploc usage for months now.  One day, her turmoil just bubbled over and she said, “OMG Becca, the storage bags. The petroleum, the chemicals. Why??????” I sort of live under a rock and was all “huh?” So she told me storage bags suck and I should try this reusable bees wax wrap. At first, I was like, seriously amiga? $42 for some Wiki-Stick paper? Is she for real? But then…

  • Becca Bought: Macrame Prozac

    If I had to pick one product to stand by for eternity, it would be this swing. First of all, it’s darling. We could start and end with its Anthro Free People vibe alone. But those websites would sell it for an amount comparable to your mortgage and this little number is so ridiculously reasonable. You can buy one (or two, like I did!) and not be stuck slurping ramen for the rest of the month. You guys, this swing is like therapy. But cheaper. Pop it some ear buds, hop in, close your eyes and swing. You’re practically a…

  • Becca Bought: Is it MAC? NARS? No! It’s Burt’s Bees!

    I picked this up, smeared it on my lips, and I’ll be damned if people aren’t complimenting my new lip color all over town. I know, I should be demure and say “oh, thank you so much” with a look that suggests it’s Mac’s new color, but I can’t help myself. Instead, I announce, “OMG it’s Burt’s Bees hibiscus! It’s $5! You have to get it!” I’m like a public service shopping announcement, really. Anyway, buy this. It’s moisturizing (I mean, hello, it’s chapstick), it’s cheap, and the color is actually COLOR. I’m buying in bulk.   To read all the…

  • Becca Bought: Cat-Eyed Cuteness

    So I wasn’t excited to learn I needed readers. I was truly hoping I would always have perfect reading vision – it would be my middle-age super power. Alas, I’ll have to find another super power because it was time, y’all, it was time. BUT HOW CUTE ARE THESE? I mean, it’s all good now because I can see and look stylishly smarter. Win! Verdict: I will buy these again and again. (Depending on how many times I lose them.) To read all the products I’ve tried and reviewed on Amazon click here.

  • Becca Bought: The Gift That Won Christmas

    The gift that won Christmas.  This is the funniest gift in the history of the world and I was the lucky recipient! My kids are assholes. Your kids are assholes. Hey, all kids are assholes. But we love them, yes we do! And we might as well remind ourselves with a saucy oven mit as we cook a hearty meal that none of these asshole kids will thank us for.  Verdict: Buy one. Don’t be an asshole. To read all the products I’ve tried and reviewed on Amazon click here.

  • Becca Bought: A Miracle Mounds Bar

    OMG. THE. BEST.  I CAN’T STOP. It’s a Mounds bar. Not “like” a Mounds bar or some chalky protein-y Mounds-ish bar, this tastes exactly like a Mounds bar. It’s a miracle! And I’m a bar connoisseur, if I say so myself.  It’s the perfect dessert, or hey, you do you, and eat them all the livelong day.  Would I buy this again? ALREADY HAVE. To read all the products I’ve tried and reviewed on Amazon click here.

  • Becca Bought: Tang-Flavored Unicorn Dust

    a.k.a. Natural Vitality Calm, Magnesium Citrate Supplement, Anti-Stress Drink Mix Powder, Orange – 16 ounce My doctor (from the Mayo Clinic, in case you need credentials) turned me onto it and I’m a believer. It feels like that first sip of wine, but it’s not alcohol, it’s magnesium! I like the orange flavor. It nostalgically reminds me of Tang. I’m so amazed by the efficacy (fancy words get higher points, right?) of this powdery mix-with-water product that I’ve been telling my friends to try it. I’m a Calm pusher. They should put me on commish. Yesterday, I filled a small…