Becca Bought This

Becca Bought: Tang-Flavored Unicorn Dust

a.k.a. Natural Vitality Calm, Magnesium Citrate Supplement, Anti-Stress Drink Mix Powder, Orange – 16 ounce

My doctor (from the Mayo Clinic, in case you need credentials) turned me onto it and I’m a believer. It feels like that first sip of wine, but it’s not alcohol, it’s magnesium! I like the orange flavor. It nostalgically reminds me of Tang.

I’m so amazed by the efficacy (fancy words get higher points, right?) of this powdery mix-with-water product that I’ve been telling my friends to try it. I’m a Calm pusher. They should put me on commish. Yesterday, I filled a small Tupperware with it and dropped it off at a neighbor‘s house who has a zillion kids so something named Calm seems like a solid fit. I left a note – “try this!” She‘s a cautious sort so texted me “what is it?” and I jokingly replied “cocaine!” She said “cool.”

Now I have to rethink my friendships because my life has taken a wrong turn somewhere if my friends really think I’m delivering drugs to their porch. But I digress. I told her “it’s Calm!” She mixed it with water, drank it up and now she’s sold, too. We agree it feels like yoga in a plastic jar. (Don’t stop doing yoga, though, that’s good too.)

Magic magnesium powder, I tell you. Magic.

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Would I buy this again? YES. In bulk.

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