Becca Bought: A Beeswax Wrap of Smugness

I am basically an eco-Guru now. 

I was turned onto these by my eco-friendly friend. She is really quite a lovely person, but apparently she has been secretly judging my ziploc usage for months now.  One day, her turmoil just bubbled over and she said, “OMG Becca, the storage bags. The petroleum, the chemicals. Why??????” I sort of live under a rock and was all “huh?” So she told me storage bags suck and I should try this reusable bees wax wrap. At first, I was like, seriously amiga? $42 for some Wiki-Stick paper? Is she for real? But then I did the math and it turns out that, annually, these are wayyyyyy cheaper than all those bags. And, I mean, I’ll never give up my gas-guzzling SUV so I really should be ok spending $42 to save the earth. So I bought them. I’m now obsessed. Fact. They smell good, they’re fun, I wrap up snacks with them, cover bowls, I take them to work, and my son wraps up all sorts of edible crap for our fridge. I’ve really come around. And best part is when I see someone now with a storage bag, I can be all smug and say “enough already, you earth destroyer” and show them my beeswax solution. Win.

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