Well, hello. Thanks for coming. I mean it. I don’t know how you found me (actually, I probably do, thanks to WordPress stats), but I’m happy you’re here.

(This page is called “About Becca” so I feel sort of obligated to pen a bio. Feel free to skip to the end, I probably would.)

By education, I’m a lawyer. It’s been a hot minute since I graduated, but I’ll admit, I still sometimes stand in front of my mirror and sassily announce, “Your Honor! We ALL know the truth here!” I whip my head over to my perfume bottle jury and offer a head nod and a knowing look. ¬†We all know that a good, practiced head nod and knowing look to the jury is how you win a case.

In 2008, I adopted Jax, a whirling-dervish-hilariously-energetic-tornado of a child from China. In 2017, I started fostering Johnny, a feisty, skeptical, whip-smart teenage boy out of the state system who still sleeps with his boots on in case he needs to make a run for it. People, these children were not on my bucket list. They just happened. Sincerely.

I work at Generation Justice, a non-profit I helped build. You might hate me for this, but I love going to work. I often sit in my living room, listening to my children bicker and the dog barking and the microwave beeping, and I dream about sleeping into my office under my desk a la George Costanza. I have an online store, I’m certified to teach yoga, I acknowledge my online shopping problem, but have little interest in a remedy, and I have dreams of learning how to play the guitar.

And I write. Mostly, I do that right here on this site, but my words have found their way to places like Huffington Post and Scary Mommy and even in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book. It’s good for my ego.

I don’t believe in strangers. Reach out. Say hi.